Spunky. Fun. Energetic

My full name is Samantha, but I’ve been called Sami my entire life; I’m only Samantha when I’m in trouble with my mom.

I’m fun and goofy, and rarely take my self seriously. The epitome of my personality shows in the picture to the right. It’s near impossible for me to take nice pictures, which is probably why I’m the one BEHIND the camera to start with.

When it comes to photographing your special day or updating that family portrait, I love to approach it as a new adventure. I love the honor of photographing one of the most important days of your lives or even just a normal day so those memories can be preserved for a lifetime and beyond.

When I have a free day I try and spend it exploring new areas in and outside of Chicago and out of Illinois when I get a chance. I love to go camping with friends to our property in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I’m always ready for any kind of adventure, I’m not scared to get my hands, or clothes, dirty.

I love animals, especially cats. There has been at least one cat in my house since I was born. The most we ever had was 4; my siblings and I all had to have our own. Now there is just one, Scar (because who doesn’t love The Lion King), and he is my child. I’ve never had a cat who acts more like a dog. We play fetch every night until one of us gets tired, normally it’s me.